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Hello there!

I am a Multimedia Production Designer and Art Director - member of LOCAL 800.

In 2016 graduated from School of Visual Arts where I did my BFA in Animation. I am a storyteller with a passion of creating unforgettable things. I do Film, Animation, VR and AR immersive experiences.

I worked full-time at the first immersive content research engine called "SVRF".

During my career there I collaborated with Snapchat, Nicky Minaj, Mason Ramsey (The Yodeling Boy), ZEDD, Florence and The Machine.  Currently I work on projects

for Netflix, Hulu and Paramount +. In 2023 project I Production Designed "The Featherweight" premiered in the 80th Venice International Film Festival.

I am always happy to collaborate on projects of any scale. In support of indie filmmaking there is no project thats not worth my attention. So feel free to inquire about my availability !


Skills: Unity, Maya, Sketchup, Cinema4D, Blender, TVPaint, ToonBoom, After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut and Illustrator.

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sonia . foltarz @ gmail . com


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